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I am working hard on the new arcade game I have been promising you. 

As I have mentioned before, this is something we can all have a part in together to preserve the Rock-afire and Creative Engineering. The new arcade game is coming along real nicely. We need to make money to pay for Rock-afire projects, suing the pants off of The Evil Dr. Fips, and paying bills to keep them from taking my building. I spent my life's savings on repairs from the "Blast". I really need lots of money to solve all these problems. But, if this new game is as good as The Whac-a-Mole, we'll have what we need to move into the future well capitalized AND we'll have a "hit" on our hands that will garner respect from people who thought I was all but dead.

And here's my idea for how you and the rest of the Rock-afire Kids can help. When I get the game to the point that it's really, really good, I'll put it out for sale, but not any sooner. It has to be so good that I love it myself first. But, that day is coming. And when it does, I will show you the game, post a video of it on YouTube and create a flyer that you can print out and take to your local arcade where you might take your kids to play. And if enough of you do that, and take the flyer to the decision maker for that arcade, and really encourage them to put this game in their arcade, we'll have enough sales to finance everything we need to do to have a bright Rock-afire future!

Update-9/15/2015- We will be unveiling the new game at the IAAPA in Orlando in November!   I promise this game will be better than Whac-a-mole.

I have a name for it, but I can't tell you what it is yet because I don;t want Bob's Space Racers (or anyone else) to steal this.


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Direct from Aaron

December 14, 2016
After several years of modernizing my animatronics programming and control systems, i'm moving to full scale production of the Animatronics Experimenters Kit! Reserve yours today and learn all the creative, engineering aspects that go into animatronics and inventing!
November 24, 2016
First run Animatronics Experimenters Kits are SOLD OUT for 2016! Now taking pre-orders for round 2 to ship in 2017!
September 20, 2016
Contact Creative Engineering to get a custom video birthday show delivered by the Rock-Afire Explosion direct to you. Just like you remember it at Showbiz Pizza in the 1980's!

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