A Look Back at “The Blast” Part I

July 15, 2014

Previously unreleased footage depicting the recovery from "The Blast of Sept. 26th, 2013" is being released starting today to celebrate the final approval by the city of Orlando of the repairs my team has made. This joyous occasion would not have been possible without the volunteers who helped me with brains, muscle, money, and moral support. To all of you, I give my thanks and look forward to showing my appreciation in many ways, starting with a series of videos to honor you. In this episode, you see the fix I'm in before you came to my rescue. In part II, you will see some of the people who joined the "rebuild effort". Not everyone who helped me is on video, but I will never forget you and appreciate you all.

"I just got through my final inspection on the wall, the roof, the floors, the fire sprinkler repairs, the electrical, and everything else that was destroyed by the "Blast of 2013". Can I get a "Hell Yea!!" Can I begin to give thanks to thefriends who stood behind me and especially those that contributed to my "Rebuild Fund!" or who came over to help me move bricks? Here is the first of a series of short videos as I look back and give thanks to you."

-- Aaron Fechter 
July 15, 2014

Direct from Aaron

June 7, 2017
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May 18, 2017
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December 14, 2016
After several years of modernizing my animatronics programming and control systems, i'm moving to full scale production of the Animatronics Experimenters Kit! Reserve yours today and learn all the creative, engineering aspects that go into animatronics and inventing!

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