What happened to Riot Fest?

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It sure seemed that Riot Fest was serious about bringing the Rock-afire Explosion to perform for you this year.  We reserved the time slot for them, turned down other business, and made as many preparations as we could without any financial commitment  by them including developing methods for moving and setting up the show, new tricks and techniques to control the show interactively and brand new shows and skits that would debut at Riot Fest.

However, Riot Fest kept us in suspense as to when they would be sending us a contract and a deposit, and, with only a few weeks left before we would have to be there performing, I had to let them know they had waited so long, we no longer had time to get ready. Then, a week later, they sent me a contract that was not what we had been talking about at all, which was kind of amusing since it was already too late to attend.  However, I have posted two of our (anticipated) Riot Fest performances on You Tube.  One is Mitzi singing "Firework"and the other is Billybob singing "Poo On You", which is our version of Cee Lo Green's song, "F*** You".  We figured the kids would like it because it has some cussing in it.  Yes Sir!  We were not going to Riot Fest the way Mr.. Rogers might.  And we had lots of fun, sexy ideas for the show that will just have to wait until someone gets serious about bringing us to their festival and gives us enough time to do a good job.  Who knows?  Maybe that will be Riot Fest 2016!

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December 14, 2016
After several years of modernizing my animatronics programming and control systems, i'm moving to full scale production of the Animatronics Experimenters Kit! Reserve yours today and learn all the creative, engineering aspects that go into animatronics and inventing!
November 24, 2016
First run Animatronics Experimenters Kits are SOLD OUT for 2016! Now taking pre-orders for round 2 to ship in 2017!
September 20, 2016
Contact Creative Engineering to get a custom video birthday show delivered by the Rock-Afire Explosion direct to you. Just like you remember it at Showbiz Pizza in the 1980's!

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