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Current RAEs Out there
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According to numerous Souces, The Rock-afire Explosion’s Current Status Is Here:

1.Warehouse, Atlanta, GA. STATUS: Destroyed
During a 2009 warehouse raid in Atlanta, a Rock Afire band was discovered amongst the piles of old electronics.

2.Sinister Shadows Animatronics STATUS: Parts
A complete Mitzi, Rolfe, and Sun stored in the basement

3.Surplus Show, STATUS: In Storage?
In 2005, a near complete Rock Afire Explosion was put up for sale. Whether it sold or not is unknown.

4.Nashville, TN, Hillwood Strike & Spare. STATUS: Static Display
One Of The Last Commercial RAEs. A Mitzi, Fatz and Billy Bob sit on static display at a Nashville Rollerskating Ring and Bowling Alley. Featured On The Nashville scene.

5.Full Classic Show at Billy Bob’s Super Wonderland, Barboursville, WV. STATUS:Some Move, Most Don’t.
This is One of The Last Commercial RAE Classic Show left In The USA. As of 2013, Some Problems are Occuring:
-Only Duke’s Mouth Moves, Not His Hands.
-Mitzi Can Only move her Right Arm and Her Mouth.
-Looney Bird Does Not Move, Only His Mouth. Also, It is On the Wrong Side of Billy bob.
-Beach Bear Can Move his Body, & Head, but Not his Strumming hand. His Mouth Is Open.
-Billy Bob can Move His Head, & Mouth.
-Fatz can Move His Mouth And Right Arm.
-Rolfe can ? (No Evidence Is Supported)
All Curtians Operational, Duke Spot Works, Fatz Spot Works, Beach Bear Spot Works, Mitzi Spot Does Work, Billy Bob Spot Does Not Work. Looney Spot Works. Rolfe Spot ?, Includes Cyberstar TV, Sun & Moon? (No Evidence supported)

6.Fun Station USA, Long Island, NY. STATUS: Static Characters
Fun station’s RAE Is Not Complete as It Has 4 Out Of 7 Characters. Billy Bob and Fatz are In the Ball Crawl/Skytubes, & Dook & Beach bear Are Located in A Dark Ride area. Billy Bob is Cooped in A Fenced Area Leaning. Dook & Beach B. Are Sitting In the Dark Ride attraction. RAE Paintings & Artwork are On the Walls, as Well as The Bar That would hold the Charater Spots. The place where the RAE Once was Is converted into A Party Room.

7.Classic RAE At Funzone. STATUS: Static Figures, Closed & Sold. The Funzone’s RAE Classic Show was Just Figures that Did Not move. The Lights flashed & Audio Played, but Nothing Moved. They also Had A Show Selector. The Funzone Closed In 2011, And The Show was Sold as One Piece. Mitzi was Not Wearing Her Classic “M” Sweater.

8.Snap’s Blast to the Past Museum. STATUS: DestroyedA Full Classic RAE Was on Display At Snap’s Blast to the Past Museum in Flordia. This Show was In Exxcelent Condition, Up To Par With CEI’S Show. Snap’s was Destryed in A 2010 Fire. The Metal Exoskeletons Of the RAE Survived, But the cosmetics were another Thing.

9.3 Classic RAE Retrofits In UK Status: Completely Operational.
Gullivers Kindom in England Brings Us A RAE Retrofit Caled the Hard Luck Bears.(Not the Same HLB) This Show has Every RAE Character except Earl, Beach Bear, Looney Bird & Billy Bob Turn Into Bears. Strangeley, Looney bird is In the Center of the Stage in Front Of Center Stage. This Place plays It’s Own Custom HLB Show so Dont Expect classic Voice actors.. Even Bily Bob is Diiferent. All the Names are The Same.. There are 3 Of these Gulliver Them parks, Each having their own HLB/RAE. They all Run the Same Show as Far As Filming Goes.

10.Rockafire Pizza, indo CA Classic Show. STATUS:Closed
RAE’S Pizza Is Not Just the Namesake, Their RAE Show Is Good Too! There were 2 Locations, Both Closed Now.

11.2 Looney Bird’s, TN & LA. STATUS:CEI Par, Closed.
Looney Bird’s Was a resturant That tried To Bring Showbiz Back. They suceeded, But Closed later In Life. The 2 Locations Both had Classic shows whith a Specially designed Valence that Was Purple-blue instead Of Red. Most of The Store had new RAE Designs.

12.Bear-a-Dise Traveling Show. STATUS: Disrepair
A Mitzi, Fatz, Billy bob & Looney Bird Toured through The Kentucky State Fair. All the Characters were dresed In Hawaiian Clothes. This show was In A State of Real Disrepair, like Mitzi’s Eyes Twitching, fatz having A Hard Time with His Eyes, and Billy Bob was Fine.

13.Classic RAE Travling show In Ireland. STATUS:Good, But Most stuff can Be Fixed.
A Full Classic RAE Was Touring Bray, Ireland at A Fair. It was Set up in a trailer amidst a wagon circle of bouncy castles.
I Know there are More Fan Shows, But this is All I Can Contribute To One Topic.
1 to 4 coutesy Of
5 video coutesty of Youtube User chuckecheeseshows
6 & 7 video courtesy of Youtube user showbizpizzalog
8 video coutesy of Youtube user Snapper Ard
9 video courtesy of Youtube User RockafireExplosionUK
10 & 11 Pictures coutesy of Fan Site
12 video courtesy of Youtube User Matt Stottmann
13 video courtesy of Youtube user burdurhur

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Great rundown, what about Smitty’s Service Station, and the famous Chris Thrash show? After his restaurant closed what became of his show?

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14.Chris Thrash’s Private Classic RAE STATUS:Perfect
Chris Thrash’s Rockafire is Featured Mainly In the RAE Movie. This is Mainly what you See If You Search “rock afire” in Youtube or Google.

15.Chrish Thrash’s Showbiz Pizza Zone RAE STATUS:Closed
This is The RAE Show you would See If You Go To (The Now Closed) Showbiz Pizza Zone Family Amusement Center in Pheonix, AL. This RAE Is In Good Shape, And It also Run’s Cyberstar. SPZ Closed, But Thank goodness for Video Cameras.

16.Damon’s Smitty’s Super Service Station RAE STATUS:In Full Swing, But Invite only
Damon’s Classic RAE Show is In Perfect Condition. Smitty’s Super service station Was also Seen In The RAE Movie, and Damon Was featured as Well. S. Super S. Station has Showbiz & RAE Collectibles on Display as Well as CEC. Damon owns and operates a King Animatronic from PTT, and A Balcony Chuck E. Cheese.

17.CEI’s Classic Show STATUS:Up and Running
Aaron Fechter Runs This Classic show Perfect, And You can Come To see It in person (For A Fee—See The Store.) performing Live.. Or You can Watch It On Youtube.. For Free.

18.<a>CEI’s Packaged Show STATUS:In Storage
Aaron has A Full Classic RAE For Sale In Boxes. This is The Last RAE To Be Sold by CEI, And The Last RAE To Be Sold when manufactured. No person Has Placed an order, so If You want It Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) To Contact Aaron fechter.

19.<a>CEI’S Road Show STATUS:Smaller than A Classic, Still Great RAE.</a>
Aaron Is renting A Mitzi, Fatz, Billy Bob, Dook, & Rolfe Figures for Show performances. To rent, Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) To Contact Aaron fechter. You can See Them Performing With Modern day Musicians such as Cee Lo Green, & Kokayi. They Can even be Seen in a Theatrical Film(Not their Own..) Starring Adam Sandler.

20.CEI’S Moon Rockers Center stage STATUS:Hasn’t been Touched</a>
Although Really Not An RAE, Tye Moon Rockers were a Retrofit RAE Centerstage Modification To Turn Country bears into Space aliens. There is One Set Up at CEI, But Has Boxes and Other Junk Surrounding It, making It Untouchable..(Touch with your eyes..) We Have Footage of Princess Haylee(Mitzi) And Queezer(Beach Bear) As Long as The Whole Band.the footage Is From A 1992 Tape found in A Pile of VCRs.. It is A Demo of CEI Robots, and Shows The Mijjins, Wizard of Oz, & Country Bear Heads,, and More.
That’s all I Can Reckon, and All RAES I think We Can Find Proof of On the Internet..
Andy Fillus For Giving Me Inspriation.
14 courtesy of Chris Thrash
15 video courtesy of Youtube User ratsk8te and Chris Thrash
16 video courtesy of Youtube User Rockafirecheese and Damon Breland
14,17,18,19,& 20 courtesy of Aaron Fechter (& RAE Movie)

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21.RAE At A Theme Park. STATUS:Confusion
Aaron Fechter uploaded a Youube Video about The powers of programming A RAE To a Song (Audubon Zoo In this Case) In 2011. He said he Is doing This for Danny & Charolete, Who are managing a Theme Park With The installation Of A Rockafire. He says This is Not the Big announcement, (Which was I An’t Gay By Billy Bob) And that He wont tell Us Fans Where this New amusement park is. In 2014, No Insight has Been Made about this, and If Aaron Could Clairify About this RAE If Still Running In Business, That Would Help.
21. Aaron Fechter (Youtube user Therockafire)
21. Danny & Charolette For Opening this Park?

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22.RAE In Isreal?? STAUS:Confirmed By Fechter, Unknown If Running.
I came Acros This Youtube Video, In Which The RAE Was Wearing Custom Outfits, Pogrammed Poorly, & Were speaking a foreign language. Fechter Stated In the Comments:

“Wow! Thanks for posting this! We installed several shows in Israel in the 90’s. They haven’t asked for new tapes. The show is obviously programmed very poorly. The customer must have decided to find a way to do their own programming, albeit very bad.”

Confirming That There Was RAES Circualting in Isreal, and That One (Or more) Survived up To 2012.(When Video was Posted.)
It is Unknown If this Show is Still Up In Business,or If It Destroyed or Sold.
22:Youtube User Scott Heare & Aaron Fechter